Ideally, the git work cycle looks like this:

  • Create a branch
  • Do your work
  • Merge back to master

This keeps developers from stepping on eachothers toes and allows prolonged efforts on major features. Here are some handy commands for actually doing it:

Assuming you have alread git clone’d a repository, you can create a new branch like so:

git checkout -b mynewbranch

Alternatively, to clone an existing branch

git clone -b mynewbranch

Then make your changes, and push to the remote branch

git commit -am "message"
git push origin mynewbranch

Finally, when you are ready to push your changes back to the master you can:

git checkout -b master
git merge mynewbranch
#(then git push???)

If all goes well (or if it doesn’t but you resolve the conflicts), you can remove the branch

git -d mynewbranch